Me and my girlfriend emily have been Dating for about a week or so and she thinks she may be Pregnant and i dont know what to do?


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Was it only a week ago that you had sex or has it been physical for awhile? If youve only been together for a week, chances are it wouldnt be yours or shes just not pregnant (depending if shes had sex before a week ago). You can't tell after one week.
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How old are you both? Why does she think this? And don't panic been here with my bf to take a test and then go from there if she is you need to decide what you are going to do and be there for her  x
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Were both 16. She missed her period and she's been sick for a couple of days now.
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The best thing to do is not worry because i was late but that was from worrying as after i done a test my period come so ask her to do a test so you know for sure and be there for her what ever happens did you not use protection? X
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Take her to the doctor and if she is talk to your parent and tell them that she is pregent. Then be there for Emily and support her. Best of Luck
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Hi Josh, what a predicament, not sure of your age, but what about safe sex. Nor do I know which country you're in ... UK 16, USA is a higher legal age... It may be anxiety that upsets periods, and can make someone sick too, if you are very young and not sexually informed or experienced. And it seems you both need good information on sexual relations, safe sex, and the emotional upheaval of what you say, also will need attention. If the test your girlfriend takes, is negative, then please take steps to be informed about sex, and unwanted babies, and safe sex. I say unwanted because it seems a shock to you and I can see why you're confused. On the other hand see a doctor, and speak to the pharmacist where you can buy a test-kit. Also to parents, at some point. Take Care -
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Get a job , then rise that kid
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Go to the doctor right away, if she is pregnant, you'll both need to think what your going to do, discuss all angles.

Seek advice from professionals if you're unsure.

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Huge mistake on both your parts. Kids should not be having kids..I hope your families will approve. Good luck
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Get a decent job, keep going to school, and prepare yourself to have to raise a child. Also, you'll probably want to schedule an appointment with a doctor first, just to verify that she is pregnant..

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