Is it wrong for me to be Jealous when my girlfriend thinks another guy is hot or sexy?


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jordan martel answered
Not at all when I like a girl and she thinks the same I'm jelous and that can't be changed is perfectly normal
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Javen Martinez answered
I agree with Tracey Andrew... You're partner doesn't need to say this to you.. Obviously just because shes with you doesn't mean she went blind so she is going to think that other guys are attractive the same way you will if you see a sexy girl walkin down the street! But its cool if you tell her straight that you don't want to hear that the same way she wouldn't want to hear you sayin some girl has a sexy body....I did the same thing with my girl!   If you run into any other issues like this => examples usually work for girls otherwise it's hard for them to understand
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Its ok to be
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lauren jade answered
Well when I think some one is fit ill openly say it in front of my boyfriend, itsnot a big deal. So what if she finds some one attractive you can't expect her to just find only you atttractive. Shes with you and not them thats all you need to remember, 'you can look but you can't touch' x
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Zara Sanderson answered
Not at all. I'm exactly the same. Id explain your feelings to your gf, and tell her how bad it makes you feel, and ask her how she'd feel in your shoes. If she cares about you, she'll make an effort to stop doing it so much.
danielle moreton Profile
Its not wrong to be jealous... But if shes loooking and not touching you don't have to worry
wajiha akhondzada Profile
Obviosly it is your fully right to be jealous I mean if I had a boy frend and then he was looking up at other girls I will get angry and red  as a tomato!
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tracey andrew answered
I don't think your partner needs to say this to you, tell her it hurts you that you want her to feel & say that about you not someone else & if that bothers her & she becomes angry with you than I would be wary of trusting her she sounds disrespectful & immature to be so excited visually looking maybe she thinks she is soooo hot [big ego] just don't put up with it especially if she is consistent & trying to get their eye contact that is not ok.I wish you happiness
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Baby Rapper answered
Nah she either means it as a joke or she just thinks he's fit. Put it this way, she may think he's hot but she's yours and not his so wotever goes on between you 2, will neva happen 2 da other guy. Your better than him, thats y you n your girl are together

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