How do I make a boy jealous?


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milo garbage Profile
milo garbage answered
Let me tell you the best way,talk to him about other gud looking guys,like ask for his opinion about some dude because you think he is so hot,don't do what these other people are saying because this will make him hate must like this boy and if you do this he will want you like a starved animal.
eve sigoolam Profile
eve sigoolam answered
Chat with other guys and go out wid dem I tink that should work.
craig jackson Profile
craig jackson answered
Its a bad idea,but if you have to show him less attention and give more attention to wateva other mail who is around at das time,but do not ever ever try to make him jelous with his mates..
Megan goodgirl Profile
Megan goodgirl answered

kiss another guy in front of him.

Amanda Marie Profile
Amanda Marie answered
1. Flirt with him, and then flirt lightly with other guys, too.
2. Have guy friends or gay guy friends help you out.
Ariel Kapper Profile
Ariel Kapper answered
Flirt with his friends, hang out with big groups of guys (preferably his friends), get a boyfriend

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