If A Man Is Trying To Make You Jealous Does He Have Feelings For You And If He Is Jealous When You Speak To Other Men Does He Love You?


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He may have feelings for you yes, but do not mistake jealousy for love, they are not one in the same. Jealousy is a natural human emotion but can be very dangerous if not properly handled and mastered.
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Keki Haynie
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I think if a man is trying to make you jealous obviously he has some type of feeling for you...
Ruth Campbell
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Some kind of feeling, yes, but not necessarily the best kind. This man may not even know how to love.
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Yes it does!
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Well if a guy that you kissed and stared to have feelings for him  is trying to make you jealous.. Then he's trying to show you he can get any girl he wants.. Or ATTENTION..
But if your ex is trying to make you jealous.. Then he wants your attention..  don't GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS.. Don't even look at him.. For example if hes dirty dancing or kissing a girl to make you jealous then he wants to look at him.. Don't!!. He'll go CRAZY!!..
When you leave the club or whatever.. Ask one of the girls you trust.. To watch if he still flirts with girl after you leave.. If yes  then you WON!
Guys love what they can't get..
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Jealousy is not a "quality" you want to have going into a either party. Jealousy reeks of selfishness, control, insecurity, and untrustworthiness. You might want to ask yourself if those things are what you want in a boyfriend. And when you answer be careful of the "no, but..." answers. Are you willing to compromise your standards for the sake of companionship?
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Look he is prob-ley speaking to his friends not to make you jealous don't think of that get the guts to ask him.

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