How do you make your boyfriend trust you when he is really jealous?


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You can never force trust, you just have to let it build over time. I know no one wants to hear this, but you just have to give it time, and prove that you two have trust. One easy way to prove is just by telling each other about your days and even if you think something isn't important tell him anyways? 

Always be honest with each other, do not lie about anything even if you think you are protecting their feelings or something.

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dakota parker
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Thanks you. We just started dating and we dated last year and broke up cause I never got to see him and we never really met and after what happened we are both kinda distant but it will get better I hope :)
Brookleynn Barney
Well in my experience if you two really care for each other you don't let distance come between you. Me and my husband talked online and became best friends for about 2 years, we started dating and it was 3 and a half years sinse we started talking that we met in person, because I lived in Utah and he in Canada. Now dating wise it would be over 4 years, and we have been married one year on the 14th of this month! :)
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You can't make him trust you. If you've never given him a reason to distrust you, then it sounds like he has insecurity issues. Those are his issues, that he needs to work out and until he works those out, I don't think he'll be able to trust you fully.

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Your boyfriend shouldn’t be jealous if you don't
give him a reason to be. Trust has to be earned, you can't just make
someone trust you.

There are a few things that you could do to speed
up the process though, and show him that he has nothing to fear, and that you have nothing to hide.

  1. Let him see you at your most vulnerable- if
    you let your boyfriend see you when you are upset or when you don't
    look your best, this will show him that you are willing to let him
    see a side of you that you don't let other people see. The fact that
    you are letting him in like that should make him feel special and more trusting.

  2. Always tell him the truth- In a good
    relationship, this should be happening anyway. If you always tell
    him the truth, then there is no chance that he will find out
    something that he doesn't want to hear. Therefore allowing the trust
    to build.

  3. Don't keep secrets- Although of course there
    are some allowances to this one, things are usually always better
    shared in a relationship. If you let your boyfriend know everything about you and
    what you have been up to, then he will have no reason not to trust

  4. Speak to him on a regular basis- I don't mean
    ringing him up every 5 minutes and letting him know your
    whereabouts, but a call or text maybe once a day would help the
    situation. It will reinforce the idea that there is a connection between you.

I hope these steps will help your boyfriend grow
to trust you, because as they say, a relationship is built around

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