What Do You Do To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous?


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I'm not here to judge anyone, but at the end of the day, in the nicest way possible, shouldn't the question be, why do I want to make my boyfriend jealous?
People are funny creatures, they act totally out of context when hurt, upset, emotional.
If you simply want to make your boyfriends jealous, then I'm sorry but there is a deeper problem there.
You shouldn't need to make anyone jealous.
If it's because you feel jealous, take stock of the situation and really find out why.
But there is only more problems if you are trying to make someone jealous, and it will be you and others that get hurt.
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quatta hall answered
I think you should get another boy friend and be with him all the time
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Anonymous answered
Always hang out with different boys and start flirting with them
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Megan goodgirl answered

Just start talking to another guy and while you talk to him, touch his arm.

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Karen Duncan answered
I think you should flirt with someone else and talking o some other guys a lot in front of him after you do that trust me he will be.
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Don;t weigh out the situation and if he;s making you feel uncomfortable then go jealousy is not good on any terms remember what goes around comes around so beware
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xtc love answered
In my honest opinion, I think that making your boyfriend jealous is just a stupid idea...unless you have a heavy reason to do that.
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I would just break up with him and get another boyfriend and show your boyfriend how much fun your having with him
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A F answered
Do this right in front of him though-
go flirt with a HOT guy right in front of his face and do body movements.
You could flirt with the guy and he may ask for your number and you would
give it to him haha that should trigger him.
Or say your going to meet a long time friend for dinner you have not
seen in a while.
Tell me if my plan worked :)
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Love this question, you know guys once they feel that you really find ways to make them feel jealous the more they will laugh at you. But once you try to make him jealous but playing as if you don't want him to know about it irritates them more...haha...don't show it off play it wisely...ive done it before and it really works....
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I don't think thats a good idea. Yeah people say that making your boyfriend jealous will trigger an emotion in him to see if he really likes you, but sometimes that doesnt work. My best advice is to let it be. If you have a reason to make your boyfriend jealous then talk it out, don't do a stupid thing ok. Hope I helped.
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Maybe just ignore his calls, and say that you'll call him back. When your walking, walk slightly in front of him and smile at guys, most guys will smile back at you, but your boy wont realise that your making the first move and will think that your getting a lot of attention from a LOT of guys, have fun (:
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If he calls you answer it and be like I'm on the other line with____wateva your ex bf name is.or when your walking with him if you see a hot guy say ill be right back and go talk to him haha lol this works ive done it.
You could also pretend this is easy ok if he calls you laugh at random times when your tlkin to him hell say wats funny you wont tell him at first keep doing it the whole tyme hell ask again and say hes so funny hell say who and then say o just a guy I met.^this defently works.and if your tryin to reallie pay him back plan it wif a guy friend he dosent know or a cosin take him some where where you "bump into the guy"

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