What If Your Boyfriend Flirts With His Female Co Workers To Get You Jealous?


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My ex would do the same thing to me, I always figured he just done it to get my attention to see if I still care about him enough to get jealous, Thats why most guys try to make us jealous to see if we still care about them or not, Sometimes showing that your jealous is not a good thing it shows you are weak and don't trust him enough to know that the flirting could just be harmless flirting now if he takes it to extremes of touching and rubbing over them then thats considered cheating, My question is if he loves you so much why would he be trying to make you jealous unless he feels like you don't care about him enough so he`s doing it to grab your attention. Like I said I had the same problem and at first yeah it bugged me and then he kept doing it and I would just ignore him and act like I didnt care anymore and he still trys to make me jealous but I just ignore him and act like it doesnt bother me, I don't know if hes doing it for attention or doing it to be a dick, I don't know nothing about his personality. Good Luck. And its normal to feel jealous when the one you love is flirting or looking at other girls its a normal part of a healthy relationship but if he`s doing it all the time and its starting to get worser to where he starts touching or talking about sex its time for a talk between you both, Tell him how you feel and you don't like when he does that tell him it makes you feel bad or it hurts you, Maybe he`ll stop.
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My boyfriend and I are going through a rough period these past weeks. A couple days ago he went to work (night shift) and he worked with two other co workers, one male and one female, normally they don't usually see each other because of the shift basis. The female co worker came to work later on and I was on the phone with him, greeted him like with a hug and I heard him  saying mwaah mwaah (kissing sound), I was taken back.  I hung up the phone ,he did not even call back. When I called back  I asked him what was that about, he said he did that on purpose because he knew that I was on the phone. Oh! And that he did not do anything wrong and  that he did not really hug and kiss her. At times he uses obscene languages to me during the conversation. Please give me some advice... Thank you. Destiny
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Then that will tell you that he doesn't care bout your feeling. Any guy that loves his girl will not do that. Never let a guy see that the jealousy is really bothering you. A man loves the attention.
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That means he knows he can get to you and make you mad so why would you want to be in a relationship like that
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You are probably not giving him enough attention, or he just needs to do this to show that other girls are still attracted to him.  You can also try flirting with your male co workers and see what his reaction is.

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