What To Talk About With Your Boyfriend When You Have Nothing To Talk About?


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If you are struggling for things to talk about and it's the start of your relationship then this is a good indicator of whether a long term relationship with that person is likely to work or not.

However, most new relationships are awkward at first and it is common for there to be many uncomfortable silences, but as you get used to each other and get to know each other these will not be a big deal to either of you.

Generally, you should always be able to think of things to talk about in any stage of a relationship, especially if you spend time away from each other in university, work or living apart.

If you are at the start of your relationship then you have a wealth of getting to know each other conversations to be had:

Music tastes - talk about the music which you have on your MP3 and discuss any bands that you have seen live.
Television Shows - you could find out you are both massive Family Guy fans so this could be a common show that you both watch each night.
Hobbies - ask about any hobbies that she/he has. It could turn out that they play for a sports team and you never know you could end up going along to matches and being their biggest fan.
Family - has he got any strange members of his family (every family has them). What are his parents like, what are their jobs?

Remember if you are finding the silences and lack of conversations awkward, then he probably is to. Discuss this together so that you are both at ease with this - and will find it amusing when it happens again.
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Try asking questions about your boyfriend.its good to get to know them better and to make him feel like you will listen instead of talk.its also a good way to find out important things like their b-day or favorite color:)
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My boyfriend and I have been going out for over 4 years so ,though I hate to admit it, it kinda gets hard to think of things to talk about as we talk very often on the phone. This might seem silly, but if we don't have anything to say, we quiz each other on various things like how well we know each other, preferences, what would the other person do in a particular situation. It can be loads of fun and its an interesting way of getting to know one another.
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Ask questions OR ask him to ask YOU questions. It can be about sex, other friends, past relationships {[watch out! Its a touchy subject.]} -- to pets, how you met, YOUR relationship w/ each other, YOUR ideas on your [{possible}] future together, &/or my favourite.. Tell each other you miss each other & say what you like about each other. I love itt. <3
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I have the same problem. I search it all the time. Usually I get idea from these kind of answers. Usually I ask my boyfriend and he just says I don't know. Or idc. What ever you want. So its usually up to me. So I start by asking about his day or stuff like that, and this is usually over text by the way. And then we will play the question game. And sometimes would you rather. I don't know its just stuff to talk about. Or maybe stuff that turns him on. Or whatever! Haha some times you have to know your boyfriends personality so you know what stuff to talk about. Hope this helps! :)
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I have the same problem. Me and my boyfriend are going with a long distance relationship, so we're on the phone a lot. A lot of the time, honestly, we're kinda silent; mostly because we're both blunt people. We say what we need to say and then no emphasizing is done, really. But believe me, we're compatible, even if it doesn't sound like it. When we do talk, its about our day, or dreams we've had, or something random. We once talked about weddings. And another time about candy canes, and we started to wonder if you eat enough candy canes, will you gain like 30 pounds? Like almost everybody here has said; random most definately is the best thing to talk about.
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Just say what ever comes into your mind even if its radom it will either start a convo or make you both laugh which will start a convo
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Ok, so me and my boyfriend only see each other like 3 times a month. So, its a thing to talk on the phone O 11:00 every night. We often run out of stuff to talk about. So we make up little games. Like we say a line of lyrics and they have to guess the song. Or we play a game where we pick a famous person and the other person as to guess who it is from clues. Starting serious conversations can be weird to me. This is because I'm not the person to spill O my emotions. I keep them to myself. So, I always start a flirty conversation like where do you want to get married. Haha, well it works.
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Ermmmm.... Try a odd conversation. I mean random things do bring people closer. Trust me I know =D
or if you can't think of anything. Just kiss him. And say ' wow you are a good kisser' =D even if its not true. Lol
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Me and my boyfriedn usually talk about the most random things when we can't think of anythig else totalk about ... It is fun to play like 20 questions and stuff like that.
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Try doing something together that does not require a lot of talking, like trivia games. You will be busy answering questions and that will lead to conversation.
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Well, if you've tried all conversation resources, theres not much you can do. Only people of the same gender can re-spark a conversation successfully
SO, your better off doing something else and texting him tomorrow
If you can't think of something to talk about, its usually not worth talking to the person.
Don't make it sound like your trying to force conversation, that makes things awkward.
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Well that happens to me a lot...lol usually I just lighten the situation by laughing and saying "yep this is awkward"  but most the time I just get off the phone...just say something like "well I guess I'm going to get off here....." don't be mad or sound annoyed just go find something to do and talk to him later.
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Can you tell me what things about me you like,and I will do the same for you if you like,What's the last movie you saw? What does he think of (some current event). You have to up on a number of things,What are his likes and dislikes.
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Well, guys like to talk about themselves and their interests, so focus on that and try to learn all you can about such things so you can talk informed.  Also try to find things you have in common (music, food, sports etc) and chat away!  But I would avoid discussing "feelings" etc., guys do not care for all that.
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I have the same problem most of the time but I was just afraid to talk about useless things, like things that I thought would scare him away because they were so random and I thought he would be creeped out but then when I tried it he actually laughed and it reminded him of things then we talked forever on one little randome thing I said. Just try saying anything at all because you never know what experiences it might remind him of then you will have a guaranteed conversation.. Plus he will understand you are willing to talk about anything with him and your relationship will grow stronger :)
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I have the same problem...just talk about random stuff but honestly the best thing that ALWAYS works is 20 questions.it starts the best conversations and it will keep you talking for hours
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Don't talk... If you have nothing to say to each other then your relationship is based on sex. Enjoy it while it lasts - it wont be much more than a few weeks probably.

A relationship ought to be based on more than sex, you need to like each others company and prefer them to everyone else you know or else it is just a waste of time really...
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Ok well ive been dating my boyfriend for 8 months already! Its annoying how he always wants me to say something and he presures me to ask him questions but then when its his turn to ask me or tell me something he says that he always tells me something! Witch is not true! We always end up arguing about it cause we don't know what to talk about! And usually I just tell him I have nothing to say! I don't know what to do !oh and another things is that he says I don't know, idc or tell me something or ask me something a lot! So its a reall mistery in what to do! I love him but when I want to think about the commen stuff we have I can never fine them!
HELP!!!!   I don't KNOW WHAT TO DO! I can't find any conversations to talk about!
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OMG i have the EXACT problem..but i been with my bf now for 10 months but ya i didnt know wat to talk about so i just asked him questions abouut him that i dont know or i forgot.. Talk about his grades in school if u guys go to school. Or if he plays sports ask him after a game how was it did he win or lose or wat happen.or hahha i use to say dis all the time when i didnt know wat to say but this is just me cuz im werid nd random nd so out of know were i say pudding or somthing like that haha(:
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Talk about love and relationships and then you can watch a movie and sit side by side and look into each other eyes and then you can kiss....
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Always have the time of your life and love every moment even if there is not a lot to talk about just do something enjoyable!!
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Guys never get sick of talking to you about you. We like to learn what you like so we can find different ways of pleasing you.
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Well first of all if you don't have anything to talk about that is probaly a sign that you shouldnt be together. In the right relationship, you wont have to think the words will just come to you.
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Talk about what your going to do in the future...and if you are face to face make out!!!
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Wait for him to txt you. If he likes you enough he'll eventually think of something to say. Hope this helps and good luck:)
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You can ask him how his day went or play a game that'll help you learn more about each other.Or you could just gently kiss him and smile to show him how much it meant to you.
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You should say good bye and hang up, but when I was young I remember some others would just sit there and say nothing. How about read a book together, talk politics, religion, ect. Make sure he really wants to talk on the phone about what may seem unimportant to him, he may be trying to be nice because he likes you but doesn't even want to be on the phone.
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Well my boyfriend and I stayed quiet on the phone some time he start the conversation talking about that me and him go have a long relationship with each other! Also me and him start a argument on the phone hang up on each other then call each other back  talking why you did this or I was just playing with you
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Well , me and my boyfriend have the same problem every day , we run out of things to say ,then we sometimes stop talking for like an hour , when we arent together, when we are together , we never run out of things and if we do , I just kiss him , or play fight haha , sometimes its fun , and .. Heres a tip .. If you guts TALLK tooo much , it may lead to a fight , and you never know , if its a break up , .
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Well icall ma boyfwend a penquin and he calls me a duck so wen it qets quiet I'll joke around about penquins or sumfin b/c he hates to be called that and den we will start "arquin" bout wich is bedda ducks or penguins hehehehehe jus nevr ask a guy what dey want to tlk about b/c they will say I don't know or it doesnt madda??or if its late at nite I'll tell him what I'm wearin or sumfin to turn him  on but its all about knwinq yur boyfwend to knw what to say!
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I'm 11 I have a boyfriend and I don't know what to say so usually I just smile or ask him weird questions:)
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Well obviously if you don't have anything to talk about then you have nothing in common because if you don't talk then you have obviously nothing in common unless you try to make it happen but id rather make it happen then lose him:)
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Just talk about how much you love him and why you love him so much then give him a kiss and tell him he is a good kisser
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I'm 11 but developing FAST
I'm in young love wih this DREEAAMMYY boi in my class
we love eaachother v much but we just can't think of ny subjects to talk about.
We hav tried nd triend nd GOD HELP ME I'm goin his house tomoz..... IDEAS THAT WONT EMBARRESSS ME FAST.
P.s. We txt eachother really nice things like poems nd everything.
P.p.s we NEVER EVA say nyfin what we say on our mobile what we say one the fone
p.p.p.s (l0l) hes cummin my house nxt saturday... Ny ideas I'm mean ive got a lame one of takin the dogs out (we both luv em) nd cummin watch lee evans...(I may be only 11 but I hav a dirty/funny mind LMFAO)

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