How To Find The Right Guy?


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I am sure someone will find you and be very happy to be with you. I think that love finds you, not the other way around. My mother in law was never looking for love, but it always found her. Hope this helps, and I am sorry if it doesn't, really.
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Gisellez Zhou
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I thought the right one would come at the right time too. But after all these years I begin to doubt. The city where I live has 11 million citizens and there is 1.2 million single old girls age from 26-35! It's just difficult to know where to look.
Jacquelyn Mathis
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I think you might go to a function that interests you, and there you can find someone that has the same interests, don't be afraid to talk to people, that is a must, if you want to be noticed.
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First of all you must determine what makes you happy , what you want in the man you're seeking  attributes example tall short medium,  white black  mexican, asian  etc.  And then  what characteristic, carine loving  passionate, job   bad boy or good boy ..remind you  bad boys may not be around long or when the rough gets going the tough get gone...  Age is a factor  botrh have pros and cons ...  Youth is untried, un settled  and unknowing evan to themselves  thinking they may have or be missing out on something  somewhat more mature  is more settled  mature possibly financial secure  has home , etc... So it is up to you as to what you are seeking.. Figure that out then  you will have set your standard ...
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First Of all All Guys are good Internally, the best ill be find out with their attitude respect to others, being in a chair led to drowsy and hate with the self, try to approach with the good heart,a welcome heart ill be in touch shortly.

all the best for your future!
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Try not looking, sounds silly, but that is how I found my fiance. I had sworn off men in my mind and had stopped looking and along he came.
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Find someone that has a sense of homer,and like the same things you do!

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