I am thinking evil thoughts here but what if I make my friend fail english on purpose? She ask me to help her so if she fails.. I will laugh at her and she gets no aid just so she can feel what I feel.. That is wrong I know!


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Sounds like you both deserve each other maxine,lol,
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Yeah it does seem wrong to me, just because you want her to feel like you, does not seem like you are her friend to me. If you are her friend you will help her, and want her to pass English, so as she can do well in life.
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Maxine Chan
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LOL I guess, hmmm she has a lot of fragments in her paper.. I will make her fail and have her turn in her essays with lots of fragments.
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Why don't you tell her she needs to do her own work, I understand having friends that can be using I suggest instead of stooping to her level and doing something that will effect your karma you stop beng friends with toxic people and choose better people to spend your time with :) people that want you to succeed and you want them to succeed!
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Evil girl , I thought about following you but I quit thinking about it
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I personally think you should explain your feelings to her nicely. Help her anyways because that's what friends are for. You should do things for her knowing that you may not get good things in return. Your support for her should be unconditional.

And about the fact that you know it's wrong, don't worry about it. We all have our moments where we think things we know isn't right. It happens to me a lot. So try to resist that urge as best as possible. It's okay if you fail, we all have our mistakes! :)

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With friends like you, who needs enemies.

It's a shame I can't warn your friend about what a jerk you're being, but karma has a wonderful way of biting people in the ass.

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K. B.  Baldwin
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And you call this person a "friend"? Why. People don't screw over their friends.
Ray Dart
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Maxine is a "difficult" person to understand, but really she doesn't actually have a bad bone in her body. People often have a weird look at life, and Maxine is one of those people.
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If you know its wrong...then why do you ask? 8)
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Maxine Chan
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For karma to go back to her and yeah.. Dk why people give her jobs for if she ends up using people for money.
Addilynn All Star
Ignore her , stop talking to her theres no point getting back at her she doesnt seem like a good friend so leave her out of your life..8)
Maxine Chan
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Yeah I am using her for money tho cuz I am desperate!

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