My girlfriend just started crying and she won't tell me why she is . I think something is bothering her but she won't tell me what . She won't even tell my friend either we like to know so we can help her and cheer her up?


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Joeli Rosado Profile
Joeli Rosado answered
Get her something nice, and make sure she knows youll be there for her no matter what. She might tell you eventually, but if she doesnt, don't take it personally. Shes probably just going through a tough time and needs you to be there with her, so she can have someone to be with when shes not feelin her best.
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Eric Rodriguez answered
That's tough, man. :/ I know how you feel. But unfortunately, if she won't tell you what's wrong, there's not much more you can do. Just be there for her.
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Just be there for her you don't need to know why shes crying to comfort her if you can be with her just take her in your arms and just let her cry on your shoulder it will make her feel better
Stephanie Nihcole Profile
Bring he flowers or chocolate
Anastaire d'Lammermoor Profile
Bring the topic onto something else and stop trying to figure out wats wrong. If that doesn't work, call over some of her best friends that are girls or leave her alone for a bit.

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