Alright, so I'm 14 and I just moved and now I've found myself in my first relationship... Any advice? I am like freaking out, I don't know what to do. :O


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Janey answered
Take things slowly and try to stay as new friends for the time being.  Try hanging out with your friends more as a group as it puts less pressure on you both.  And try to have fun as friends as well and not just as a couple.
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Hannah Wms answered
Take it slow. If you rush into a relationship you'll probably be rushed out as well. Don't take it too seriously or stress out about it, come on now you're only 14 your probably not marrying this guy. Be yourself and get to know him. If things don't work out don't get too upset about it. There will be plenty more boyfriends in your future. Just have fun! Good luck!
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Emiliano munoz answered
Take it slowly,don't rush
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silver moon answered
Just take it slow and be your self
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RELAX. Everything is meant to happen for a reason so if this is meant to last it will, if it isn't, its just a turn in the road to your future. But seeing as you can't go back and you can't speed up you should enjoy it either way :)
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Don't let him push you into anything, your not ready for. The best relationships of love are the ones that started out as honest friendships.

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