How is dating in college? I am in my senior year and moving to college soon. Is it like there are no relationships just one night stands ? Because I don't want to sleep with just anyone. I want my first time to be special. Any advice?


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1. Boys and men will use you- so protect your body and heart.

2.  Always stay in pairs of girls when you go out

3. Dont drink anything unless it is a can or bottle you open.

4. Dont get fat on pizza. Eat cereal at night when your hungry.


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Just concentrate on your schoolwork. There will be time for guys, but if you don't want to "sleep" with anyone, then don't! It's not expected, and your education is more important.

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I'm currently a college sophmore.  You can go out and dance with guys, play drinking games, make out, whatever.  Some girls will want to have sex like crazy and some won't even go out.  I personally go out once a weekend and I have only hooked (sex) up with a guy once.  I was super drunk and had just gotten out of a long relationship and was acting all empowered.  

Since then I have decided I'm not doing that unless im in a relationship.  I make out with guys and have cuddled with them but nothing else.  Just remember, you are in control.  If you don't want to do anything I'm a big fan of the cute head shake no.  Some guys may get pissed you won't do anything.  Don't worry about it.  Other guys will like you're not easy. 

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It is smart that you are wanting to be cautious about your dating experience when moving to college. A lack of awareness in this area could easily get you into hot water and a plethora of life-long regrets. Considering you have a strong mentality about respecting yourself, you will undoubtedly do just fine.

College is not just a series of one night stands. Of course, people do do this, but that does not mean this is the case for everybody. When you're young, it is natural to want to explore and experiment, but some people are just inherently programmed to be monogamous like you, which means the person you are looking for is out there with the same concerns too.

You are young and don't take college life too seriously, it is about having fun as well as studying and making the most of your youth without being too reckless.

Also remember the three golden rules of college relationships:

  1. Be true to yourself. It can be daunting going into a new environment where everyone seems to be talking about parties, relationships and sex... don't make choices you'll regret just to impress others.
  2. Everyone at college brags about how much sex they're getting. It's almost always an exaggeration.
  3. If you do plan to have sex, keep safe by using protection.

Have fun!

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