Hey, I like this girl in my class, but I'm not in high school, and seeing how my classmates "relationships" have ended, I just want to stay friends with her until high school. Any advice?


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well firstly , just because you're not in highschool doesn't mean you guys will have a bad relationship , it really depends on personality , if you're mature then a relationship will work out fine because you know how to make good decisions , sometimes lots of primary school relationships fail as both of the people in the relationship don't have much experience and don't know how to express their feelings or know how to deal with problems in the relationship ,although lots of people may say relationships don't matter or fail in primary school , it doesn't mean it necessarily is , though honestly in my opinion I don't think they really mean anything it doesn't mean you guys are getting married ... , plus maybe you don't know her that well and you just like her because she has good qualities like shes smart and pretty , I think you need to get to know her more , or if you already do , as in talk to her a lot not as in people say shes like this , then great you can ask her out , but I think its a good idea to wait for high school if you guys are going to high school together .

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Look, many middle school relationships don't last but there are certainly a lot that do. Mine lasted. Just make sure you're not being used or she's in a relationship already (One sign of being used: She tells u she loves you within 2 weeks of dating).

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