Last year of highschool? I don't really have any close friends,more of classmates kind of friendships. I don't like to hangout with friends after school because I don't like going out!!But I do go out with my bestfriend from other school. Should I stop worrying about making friends and just study hard at home?School starts in about a week ,i feel extremely awkward thinking about first day of school.


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Joyce Hall answered

Sounds like social anxiety. One or two close friends...ask tor parents if u can get help.

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Mickey Po answered

Do what feels comfortable for you. If you want to make friends, then you may need to get out of your comfort zone at first. You could invite people to your house as a study group, or for a movie. Or you start a study group at school. Joining a club you’re interested in will get you around like minded people who will be easier to make friends with.

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