I just had a baby and i will be going back to my high school, but i have had good friends tell me what other friends have said about me. Now i don't want to go back ... What should i think or do?


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Youre going to nneed your education to be able to get a good job to support yourself and baby someday so do it for your baby if not yourself here and try as best you can all the remarks youll know will come but will stop if you ignore them. Congrats, good luck and Merry Christmas
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Is this a joke?  You adopted a child at 14?!  I'd accept it a tiny bit if it was cause you had sex with someone unprotected but adopting a baby at 14 is illegal and wrong.  Oh to answer your question, yes do it. Tell your friends- theyre your friends they shouldn't laugh
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I think you should go back, Finish you education.
I am one of tho's who care what people say or think about me:(, but I think it's best if you Inore what they say.
You had a precious baby boy (I've seen pictures:) ), Just wipe it off your shoulder an move on.
I am one of many who kno your story, They have no right to judge you.
Don't lisen to them, your a sweet girl, don't let them hurt you!!
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natalee Daniel
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Lol thnx, so ur tell me dnt go in class and say go online, your confusing hahaha
Amber Frandi
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Well I'm telling you to stay here because i love you an will miss u!, but you have to go back, go see your old friend, an go to real school. I'll be their next year:)
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Change schools. Or go back anyway. Who cares what others think atleast you have your good friends
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Ignore them if they're talking about you just stick with the ones who are nice enough to not judge you xx
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Hun, it don't matter what people say about you. Prove them wrong! Go back and finish school! You will be happy that you did!
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Iyanu King
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you have to be black
not trying to be racist just that i am black to and well i think i know and u know that black mostly talk like that
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 Don't give them the satisfaction of keeping you from school. Ignore them. You said you have some good friends. That's all you need. They will get there comeuppens. What goes around comes around.

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