If A Guy Says Hey Babe What Should I Reply?


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Hey, how's it going !

Play hard to get ! Because just remember that the guy might say that to lots of girls at the same time ;)
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Does he know you? Do you know him? If not, run. He's probably an axe murderer.

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Depends on if they really mean it or if they say it to everyone. According to patrick swazy's bio that is how he met his wife the first time and they later married and stayed together till he past away this year. So I guess you have to find out if they are just a slime ball or if they are a shy talented family oriented man and how his family,friends,neighbors and relatives thinks of him. This is where courting helps figure all this out.
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Should say don't call me babe and I don't even know you pig
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You say, " thanks! Everyone says the same thing! "
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You should be like heyy dude..And don't pay attention to that because he is qonna think your essay..
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It depends entirely on the situation. Lets say you are walking down the street and there are a group of good looking guys hanging out and one says 'Hey babe,' say 'Hey Babe,' back and keep on walking. Calling him babe is a nicer way of saying don't call me babe but keeps the whole babe thing on equal terms, you're paying him a little bit of attention but not to much because you kept on walking. Uber cool.

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