Could a girl beat up a guy in a real fight?


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Sure they can, i've seen some girls beat up dudes in my day. In fact where I am from (hawaii) we have a lot of Polynesians woman who could beat down your average man. By average  I mean 5'9 170lbs.  My advice is : If the girl that called you out is way bigger than you, Stay away. What do you have to gain? Nothing. You'd be known as the guy that beat up a girl. No matter how manly she may be she is still a girl. And worst case scenario: You get Pounded out by this girl. You'd be the laughing stock of the whole school. It's a Lose-Lose situation both ways. Try not to get into arguments with girls. A word of advice for the future.  You can never win! LOL
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A guy shouldn't wanna be fighting with a girl in the first place, but if conditons are right the girl could probably take them, they do have girl body builders. But in real world conditions avg. Boy and avg. Girl- guy would probably have the advantage? But depends on circumstances, maybe she is just giving u a love tap.
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Ya , if the boy is a kid
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We are both sophomores in high school. I am bigger, but she is really sporty. She's the captain of the girls' basketball team. Should I be worried? Do you think she can beat me up?
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Its not about gender, its how you fight...
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Yeah maybe
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For sure. When I was 13 my next door neighbour, a girl of 10, beat me with a stick. It was funny, but embarrassing.

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A girl should never under estimate herself. Self defense is always good to learn. Nothing is impossible.
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Do you think a "jock" girl could beat up an avg nerdy guy? I think this girl thinks she can beat me up cuz she's captain of the girls b-ball team, and I am more of a "nerd"
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I've had that kind of thing happen. Some girls act tough because you're not really allowed to fight them in the first place. If a guy did that to you your reaction would probably be different...right? 
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I think if you come up against one of these kick ass chics you see some martial arts 7th generation kim kong and stuff, start braking out with the Kung Fu and Karate and stuff, then you probally get a whooping, probally enjoy it also

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