What do intelligent guys look for in a girl?


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PJ Stein answered

Intelligence. They what someone they can converse with.

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Landy Toler
Landy Toler commented
what about beauty??
PJ Stein
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It isn't as important. Beauty fades with time. Each guy will have his own personal tastes on physical attributes, just like those that are less intelligent. But if you look absolutely stunning and can't carry a conversation about something other than the latest celebrity scandal, you cannot possibly sustain a relationship.
Claire West
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It seems to me that they should have a childhood friend, on which they then marry.
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Yin And Yang answered

PJ's right.... Second place would be independence. Can you "live" without him. Can you hold down a job. Do you still live with your parents. Are you dependent upon the government. Etc.

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Hooters, always the hooters.

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Tom Jackson answered

Intelligence---it's the basis for effectively dealig with the noormal problems of marriage and adult life.

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