What Do You Look For In A Guy?


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Well what I look for is a hard working man. With dreams... I like them to be a little bit older, since women do mature quicker than most men. I think every woman should look for a gentleman with dreams... Mamas boys are always good too. Watch how they treat the woman in there life. Sisters, friends, mom...etc
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I look for Kindness, first. Much like you. I watch to see if they are kind to others also. I also look for stability, someone who works or plans a career, so that if things work out between us, we will be able to pay the bills. A sense of humor is almost a Must Have, since I enjoy laughing. Looks are nice, but many really good looking guys, think the world owes them, and they Use women. A lot of dorky looking guys in High School, turned out to be really handsome and successful after they matured. It is also nice that we share interests and activities. More importantly, Respect for self and others, is close to the top of the list. It sounds like you have a pretty good list already, stick to it, and to your values, and you will be a winner!
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Haha  funny how that's the exact opposite of jonathan  lol  ok  i look for sweetness, trust, awesome hair (kinda like jesses), haha  and you know  i basically wanna find my edward cullen
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I look for a hard working man but not the ones who live only to work.A sense of humour someone who can take a joke I do not want to feel like I am walking around on eggshells all the time.I do not look for a mamas boy they tend to do everything the mom says and if she says dump you then you are gone.I also look for a man who is kind and gentle but who is tough enough to do what has to be done.
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First of all, in a boy, I look for a nice, loving, kind, caring nature! He should be of my understanding (or maybe this doesn't matter much to me)! Second most important, he should love me very much, and in every condition and shouldn't be just like up for a break-up every moment we have a fight and should come and make me up if I'm angry and if it's his fault! And he should listen to me and trust me the most, and have an understanding with me! He should only love me and not just go behind my back with other girls! And I just want to be truly loved, that's all that matters!

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