How Do You Make Out With A Guy For The First Time?


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First Kiss...
Many people are intrigued and nervous about their first kiss. For many, it seems like a terribly scary milestone, although speak to many adults and they'll tell you that now they laugh at how nervous they were, and that things just got better with practice!

A lot of it is about timing and neither one of you being sure if you should kiss the other first or not. The worry being, that you're the one who leans in and the other person leaves you hanging! This is probably all down to communication, although if you are already holding hands and have been on a few dates, it is something you are both expecting. Normally, the first kiss is at the end of a date, when you're saying goodbye to each other.

So you're probably thinking just tell me how do you makeout with a boy for the first time?!
How to make out with a guy? I know most people say it just comes naturally, but if you sense that the message didn't get to him then you need to attract his attention, and there are so many ways to do it. Below is the simple tips to make him want to make out with you:

Take the lead...but take it easy
A lot about making out with someone is about the whole of them not just launching in for a kiss and a quick fumble. Some men really like to have their hair stroked, or their ears and neck kissed, which would be an easy way to start if you are giving them a hug goodbye, then progressing on from there wouldn't be very difficult. The more you slow it down, it will be a less rushed and embarrassing experience. Kiss him just for a little while then stop and take time to both calm down a bit, even tell him how long you have wanted to be able to kiss him like that. The more communication you can have with someone the better the experience will be.
Knowing which way to hold your head, or whether you should use your tongue when kissing or not, really does come quite naturally once you've started - although you might not think it now!  Everyone has different speeds that they kiss at, and one of you will probably lead more than the other.  Many people don't like really forceful kissing, so just take it gently.

The main thing is not to worry and only kiss someone when you feel comfortable and ready to.  Kissing is a great way to express your attraction and love for someone, and research shows that couples who have been together for a long time, spend virtually no time at all kissing now compared to when they started dating.  Many successful couples make sure that they still give time to savouring each kiss with their significant other.  The best advice, is to think about how you would like to be kissed, and chances are this will also be the case for your boyfriend or girlfriend.
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It's true.. Kissing a guy/girl that's smoking or smoked, is a total turn off, they might not tell you straight to your face because they don't want to be rude. But they are disgusted of you. :  ]

Don't try to pressure them into kissing you more, because they don't want to be mean but they will try to pull away most likely every minute or two just to catch a fresh breath.. Try crewing really strong minty gum it might die down to tobacco taste a little bit, and if your under 18 girls don't really find it attractive if you smoke..they might not care,but that only lasts till you start dating them.
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If you are going to kiss a guy, be really sure you like him.
You can kiss a guy and then one thing will lead to another.
Be sure this is what you want to do, as sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the moment.
You don't really want any regrets afterwards.
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If you aren't ready for the whole tongue thing then just concentrate on moving his lips with yours. You don't really have to know how it just happens...
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I'm not sure if you have noticed but I have already answered your previous question. Though I have the same answer for both of your question. It is as follows:When there is an opportunity(when you feel the time is right) simply hold him to you and stare into his eyes. If he accepts this, slowly lean in, tilt your head to the side, and touch his lips with yours(be sure that there is a slight opening in between your lips do not have a closed mouth when you touch his lips), then ease your tongue into his mouth. At this point, not only will you be kissing him, he will be kissing you. Don't worry, believe it or not you will know what to do even if you have never kissed anyone before.
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Ive never made out or even kissed a guy before && I'm 14/ almost 15 but this 16/ almost 17 yr old asked me to make out with him && I wanted to but I was scared  bc I don't kno what to do & hes almost 17 yrs old && I kno hes made out before soo I dint want to feel stupid!! Please help ASAP!
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It comes naturally :) try not to over think it... Try not to think about it at all actually.. Let it happen and it will be amazing

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There is no right or wrong way to kiss someone, it comes naturally but normally you move your tongue in a circle motion inside his mouth.or move your tongue the opposite way he moves his tongue. Try practicing on your hand or a wall
hope I helped
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Just kiss him a lot of times or go to youtube and see how you do it. And if it doesn't work go to yahoo or google.
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Guys, there is no way to explain it you just can't get tips, you just have to like let it come naturally because every guy is different they all like different things like when me and my boyfriend made out, I had my arms around hiz neck and he had hiz arms around my waist just let it come naturally and don't fret it -  just let it flow.

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