How Do I Get A Boy Friend?


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Have you tried just being yourself ? It worked for me & over the years i've heard plenty of times how boys and girls will say anything . True or not to get what they want .
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Rinav Gangar answered
Well don't search he will find you. This is all I believe.

Just don't get one cause you need it. The relationship wont lasts long enough just for a sake of getting a boyfriend.

if you need a relationship, be serious with it. Heart breaks are the most tough jobs to mend.

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You usually find a good guy when you stop searching for him.
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Just be your self most boys flirt if they like you but still be careful they just might want you only for sex!
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Jessie Lee answered
Well, I'm a girl but find some guys that might be interested and flirt with them try to find out if they're right for you
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Kitty Grant answered
Don't try to get a boyfriend over the Internet.... Because you never know, maybe the poser you're talking to is a 90-year-old man.    Good luck! <3
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Its hard for some girls to get boys  so they act like other  people you no what i do i say this is my you dont like it suck it soo girls you need to be your self!!

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