Is it ever ok to snoop?


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I believe that watching is not bad if there is a person’s suspicion of any dishonest deeds. I had to cooperate with detectives about a person whom I trusted and this person turned out to be completely unfamiliar to me. So since then, I do not think this is something bad. If there is suspicion, then there is a reason.

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Coming from someone that grew up in Italy, I'm going to say yes. Italians love snooping - in fact you'd be considered rude or cold if you didn't show an unusually high inquisitiveness into a friend or family member's personal life.

On a personal level though, I also do think that excessive snooping can be quite annoying - especially when you've made it clear to someone that you're uncomfortable with how nosy they're being.

I guess it also depends on the reason they are snooping. If they are enquiring around about something private out of concern or worry, then this is understandable.

However, people that just like to poke their noses in everybody's personal matters tend to grow tiresome pretty quickly. Everybody needs privacy - especially these days when, all you have to do is go on Facebook or Twitter to find out all you need to know about someone!

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If you go looking for will certainly find something! No thank you; I've never been and will never be a snooper. What is done in the dark will always come to light...that is enough for me! Besides if you stop ignoring your won't have to snoop. ~My Two Cents :-)

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