What Are Best Ways For Flirting?


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Although i don't have that much but some can be following:
To go for that you should first of all behave like "TO GOOD TO BE TRUE PERSON" i.e., you should start with human's basic "TO GET ATTRACTED NEEDS", although they are very difficult to be practised by everyone but some of them are:

  • Socializing with her,
  • Treat all of her bad habits like they don't even appear to be bad at all,
  • Appreciate her in everything she do(doesn't matter how much you dislike those things)
  • If she is in trouble , even because of her BIG mistake, be with her & treat her like that mistake was of very minor nature & not worth that much trouble.
  • NEVER joke with her too much(As making joke will develop feelings for you as a friend & not lover/boyfriend)
    These were some of them.
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Alysha Wreathall
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That was a very bad and poor answer fluting is being sexy and slow you do not know anything about flirting i do i have done it loads of times
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Look deeply into someones eyes with a hint of a smile in them, but only briefly. Gently brush up against them in an innocent way. Flip the hair, not too quickly but fully as if you have heat on your neck. MIRROR THE OTHER PERSONS MOVEMENTS WITHOUT BEING OBVIOUS. If he crosses his legs, do the same. If he leans forward, do the same. If he leans back, same thing. But do it discreetly like it is natural to you. If he talks, listen like he is giving you lifeboat instructions on the titanic. Men, some are hard to get started talking but once you get them on a subject[like themselves] they love to talk to someone who really listens. Make sure you smile and laugh at the appropriate times, naturally. I have these tips on the very best of authorities and have tried them and they work.
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Well say everything very slow and sexy maybe do like a walk with your fingers up to the persons face
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Penny Kay
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that one i haven't heard, thanks!
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Fingers up to the persons face. Can we include that in seducing too-Waiting 4ur reply.
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Well this is how i flirt..i make cheesy smiles and i make them smile and do funny stuff to them..i make googly eyes and when they try to make me smile ill try and hold back and they know i cant
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Lovely answer, give more tips. My cush is already master in that, it wont work for that one.
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You share at that person with fire and a flirting look. Then you touch them softly on their back and shoulder. Be all over them. Keep kicking each other on the feet softly.
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However silly this mat sound its true! GRADUALLY. First a helloe and cheesy smile, then tap on the shoulder, then short convo, trust eachother! This actally workds as i donr this the other week, if u are in school or college use a ruler , pencial or just your finger and inder the table on is or hers knee make circling on rythmstic motions and slow and steady, when some starts talking to them carry on and just stare with a smile and then and thhey will be chocked for words as the mind is being slowly simulated! GOOD LUCK

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