Do Guys Flirt Because They Like The Girl?


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  I think it is more of a search and concer thing.  He flirts with you. If you give in or let him know you are interested he wins. He is the hunter  and you are the hunted.
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Not really to tell the truth///
most of them just f;irt w ones they think is hot.
And don't' with the ones they really like or love get what I ean]
pls don't ask around these question.
Waste of time go study yuuu little ..
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ivana thompson answered
No sum guys just flirt because they flirt with everyone like all the time!
I have friends who flirt with me but hat doesn't me that they like me
guys are usually flirty but if there no flirty and they do then they probably like you or think there hot
the best way to find out if they like you is maybe ask your friends or hint toward him that you like him or something
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Usually, yes. Some guys flirt or have a flirting personality so if he flirts with everyone, he is just a flirt.

But if its just you, yes I would say he likes you.

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Um, yes they do. But be careful because they like to play mind games and send mixed signals!!

Hope this helped

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It truly just depends on the guy some guys love to flirt just because they can however others go out of there confort to flirt so be careful and don't jump into things

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