How can you tell if a naturally flirty girl likes you or not?


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Tony Newcastle answered
You can easily tell by testing her out by saying: 
"Look honey, I'm from Tyneside [don't mention Sunderland FC of course]; and she replies:
"oh my god!--that would be my heaven on earth..!!!"
---Then you know you've certainly cracked it.
Tyre Williams Profile
Tyre Williams answered
Body language, Eye Contact, and just noticing how Comfortable she feel around you...
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Nadya Bean answered
Well for one thing if she wants to be around you a lot and is always looking for you in a way.. Like at school or something. Also she may make an effort to talk to you moree :)
oh ummm also.... Shell wheel you more than she does other guys
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Nadya Bean
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Wheels... I think i need to stop using that word when nobody besides ppl from where i live kno it
Steve Williams
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...does this not describe tanner a little =)...btw we use it in a way...i know what you mean by it (i think in my past i've had an alternative but ye i don't use it =P

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