How To Be Flirty With Guy?


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How to be flirty with a guy
1. Compliment on his clothes shoes hair etc. But don't be overly complimenting on him that will seem stalker-ish nd unapproachable.
2. Smile guys love a girl who has a awesome smile nd who is happy.
3. Be confident guys think a girl with self esteem problems are not attractive.
4. Make sure your appearance is cute nd flirty. Basically colorful nd bright (not to bright like neon) colors nd stylish trendy clothes but don't go overboard meaning if you dress like a tomboy nd suddenly start dressing like that they might think your fake. So go slowly.
5. Hygiene! Make sure your teeth are not yellow! Nd deodorant nd perfume are your best friends make sure you smell really good. It really works nd you be complimented all the time :D
6. Be funny nd interesting guys love it.
7. Make sure you like occasionally touch his arm or play with his hair at the right time. Nd if you don't know him nd its your first time talking to him be like that shirt looks so good on you! In a peppy cheery voice nd then touch his shirt its very flirty nd he'll love it.
8. Makeup! Is a girls life-line! Always wear lip gloss nd a lil' eyeliner nd eye shadow here nd there but remember don't go overboard natural girls are guys favorites not girls that put on tons of makeup look like clones nd makes you look like a 30 yr old!!! :O
9. Chat with him a lot nd be his close sexy flirty friend who knows maybe it will go further!
10. Do all this nd for sure any guy will like nd maybe have a crush on you hope this helps! Yours truly: Flirty girl ;)
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Guys compliment the females on simple things like eyes hair clothes shoes or ear rings thats awkward but she'll really feel confident.
Don't be afraid to start conversation- it could be simple as an hey here and hey there but make it flirtatious like hey beautiful or whats up  cutie
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Be yourself! If he shows positive response he likes you!also add in by touching his hair, and comment etc. Tell him he's blushing after you comment (even if he really isn't) and say it makes him cuter, or its really cute when he blushes and he really will blush;)
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You can wipe your ass IN-FRONT of him I'm serious it work :P

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