How Do You Go Up And Talk To A Guy You Like?


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Just start talking to him about anything. What food he like or what school was he before or any dum question. Then you guys are going to start talking more and more. Don't seem desperate that will show the guy that you like him and that's not what we are looking for. Let the guy slowly come to you . You don't go to him.
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You can't make an honest decision if you need someone to answer for you.  Perhaps some of your friends know him. Speak with them and see if he is currently dating, and he may have already expressed an interest in you.  Then of course you can always just speak to him first. If he have objections to your desire, you will know. Chances are there will be many more guys out there that you feel attracted to. If you don't know them, it is only physical, so if you decide to date, remember you are only seeing the good side.  Have fun.  wishing you well
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First you start a conversation with him and do a little flirting. After ask him does he has a girlfriend,if you no he has a girlfriend then don't ask.If he doesn't then keep flirting, if you flirt then he'll probably no you like him after the conversation and flirting ask him to the movies or an up-coming event(don't be shy just tell him)

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