Would You Marry Or Stay With Someone Who Can't Or Won't Keep A Job ?


4 Answers

Sunga Profile
Sunga answered
I actually wouldn't but its up to you and your living situation..But I don't see why you would want to be with someone who can't take care of you and your going to provide for you family by yourself!
Johanna Profile
Johanna answered
I tried it. It worked for a year and than I just got so tired of working all the time and supporting the both of us was getting very hard for me. I tried my best to make it work.. But on top of him never keeping his job... He cheated.. So i left him :)
Lena JH Profile
Lena JH answered
I would not get engaged or marry someone that shows signs of laziness, and that won't get or can't keep a job. Marriage is a commitment to me and that to me means both partners need to be bringing in the paper!
Ruth Ducary Profile
Ruth Ducary answered
It depends, some people are unable to keep jobs for many reasons.  How much do you love this person?  Does he make you happy and bring you joy?  Why did you marry him, for a paycheck?  Look inside and you will find your answer.  If he is just a bum and does not want to work well then.....

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