Should Married Women Stay At Home Or Work?


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All depends on family financial situation as to whether wife needs to work or not
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Should married woman work in all situations to build her personality .
If she divorced , she would have a good experience to work and earn money , especially if she had babies  .
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I agree with T-wright, husband or wife needs to do what ever is best for the family, some financial situations depend on two incomes, if it is just the husband and the wife without children in the picture then both should work even if there financial situation doesn't call for two incomes, some times it can help later down the road when a child does come into the picture...if children are in the picture already you then it's between the two of you to weigh the pros and con's of a stay at home mom, or a working mom...good luck
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I think women must work
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The answer to that will vary from couple to couple. Among other things it will depend on their financial situation and whether one of them wants to stay home and mind house, or prefers a job or career.

There are points for and against both situations and it's scarcely appropriate for an outsider to offer an opinion. It's personal.

Mrs Didge was a stripper last time she worked.

We had five kids and she stayed home and raised them. I didn't envy her. It's a tough job. But back in the nineties one of her friends was having trouble getting enough casual workers to meet a  big order in her clothing factory and she asked Mrs Didge if she'd work there for a few months. Her job was to strip the lining from various garments. As I said, she was a stripper.

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When she doesnt have a job and you can provide for her why not . Other wise no .

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