Why Are American Men Marrying Asians?


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It is not easy to answer that why are American men marrying Asian girls but I shall try to answer the said question by narrating my views about the said reasons. Or we can re narrate the above question as why a certain nation claims to be the best accepting a merger from some other nations which according to them is a third world.

First of all, American women are used to live a very high standard life of luxury, comfort and self-preferences. They don't care much about the feelings, desires and wishes of their husbands. Round the clock they go on thinking about themselves only. In fact, they are very well aware of their rights and they even very well know how to achieve their genuine rights.

On the other hand, Asian women and girls are submissive, cooperative and sacrificing nature. They know how to delay their feelings, desires and wishes, if their husband is committed in some other problems. As they are very much sincere in their relations with their husbands, they sacrifice their everything for their husband. This style of life is very much liked by every man of the world, that's why American men are marrying Asians.
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American men like Asians like Indian, thai, japanese  because of their subtlety's and understanding nature. American women are too busy with their own careers, dressing up and lifestyle that they fail to understand the rhythms and emotional equations flowing around their relationship. American men like to have it easy. They do not want to put effort into starting a new relationship. They want their women to take the step which in general Asian women are very good at. Asian women are willing to compromise a lot in relationships. Asian women are very protective about their men too. And they guard them a lot. That is why it works. There is always a side which bows over and this way the relationship stays healthy. But american women take it for granted and do not realise until the relationship has deteriorated.
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There is this joke that goes what is the best combination in relation to nationalities of India, America, China and Britain when it comes to housing, matrimony, salary and food. The answer is an Indian wife, an American salary, a British home and Chinese food. The worst possible they say is having an American wife, an Indian home, British food and a Chinese salary.
Not only are Asians generally supposed to be the best wives but American women are preserved as the worst. It's all part of the culture as well. American women are more so equal to their men on the job front then Asian women. Men, who are predominantly believed to be insecure, prefer to provide for their mates. Since an American woman can pack up and leave any time she feels like it and since marriage has become a kind of taboo in American culture mates are being brought and bought over from overseas.
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I am marrying a Thai lady because she is 43 years old and a virgin, yes I am paying a dowery for the privilege of being her husband.  She is the most thoughtful caring loving person I have ever met. I dare you to find any single American woman over 40 who is a virgin and also beautiful.  Most Asian women just want a simple life, a family, a home, and some financial support.  They are not materialistic, self-centered, immature like American women are.  And most of all they are not lazy,  An average work day for an Asian woman is 10-12 hours, for an American woman, it is husband off to work, wife sits in front of TV watching Oprah, soaps, and game shows, snacking non-stop and gaining weight on a daily basis.  They do not care how they look after years of marriage knowing that they always get back at husband by the big "D" Divorce and make him pay.  They are vengeful and selfish.  It is about the American way, living way above your means, greed , corruption, liars, scammers, and cheaters. People are leaving American and the American Nightmare, not the American Dream as it once was.   I am moving to Thailand to live with my bride in Feb.
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Who is making up this s--t?

Asian women demand MUCH more than American women.  Japanese women especially are after lots of money and have very little sense of humor and romance.  Don't get married to an Asian woman if there is any hint she may be psychologically unstable (very common) or if she has had any history of being addicted to shopping or if she has lived a very UN-privileged life before she met you--she will compensate that by going after every cent you got regardless of your income.

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To love someone you need to feel loved in the way you internalize it. Men feel love differently that women and vice versa. Women feel loved and appreciated when they feel safe and secure from the actions of their man. Men feel loved by women when there is coordination of effort and physical contact more so than emotional contact. Maybe, don't know--no experience on this--Asian women make a man feel more loved than others do.
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To have a slave LOL We here are very independent and they are not. They do everything they are told. We have an opinion and a voice and we speak our minds. They are willing to just do as they are told. They are very committed to their men. A totally different culture than us. Men don't like it when their wives give them conflict or opinions. They want to be in control.
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No it's not true.. Most of Asian women are intelligent, they think like a man. It so happen that they are lovely as...I can't explain. We can find real love in them and not just love us for money like what American girls will do,did and done!
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Look the clown who paid to marry an Asian woman is a fool. Asian women pay American men on or about $30000 to marry an American man and move to the USA.
This type of arrangement is set up all the time but American men are so "stoopid" and have no clue of what is going on that they end up paying a woman who would have paid anything for the "privelage" of moving to the USA.
We have problems in the States but it is prety easy to come up with a couple of bowls of rice per day without busting your butt to do so. Those women you see out in the rice paddies are real and they'll do anything to get outta there.
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I think it is really sad that men feel they have to marry women from third world countries to have a happy home life.   There are many attractive, slim, working, caring, cooking American women.   We love taking care of our men and looking good for them.   The biggest downfalls of marrying one of these third world women is: Having little in common with them (yes, the sex will die down afterwords) and then what is left?; possibly bringing other family members over to the United States for support; basically being ostracized by others for having a mail order bride - rejection from family and friends.   Is it worth it -- I think it is a pretty sad existence.
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Yes, I guess it is true. American men are marring Asian women (especially Korean). They like to be pampered and get lots of sex. Which is exactly what they produce. They like to cook, clean, give back massages and anyhting else to please her mate. In return all she wants is to be secure and to be living in America to her husband. Eventually, her goal is to move her family over too. So, little by little she will cry about missing them so much, and offer ways (sexual) of manipulating her new American husband to comply and move over her family. Also, she manipulated you to marry her too, by telling you that she could not stay any longer in America unless you marry her or her visa will run out and cannot be renewed for a long time. All in all the un-lucky All American Guy (mostly from New York) thinks he is getting a bargin. Lots of sex, cooking, cleaning and more for just a wedding ring. But in the long run, everything new wears out and he will soon realise that he has been manipulated big time. The cultural differences and language alone are an obsticle. Also, the feeling of King of the Mountain wiLl wear out too. Just wait until her family moves in. They are nice and polite, but usually very poor and in need of help financially. For awhile everything will seem alright, until one day, the American man will feel taken advantage of. All Asian (and Korean) women should be ashamed of themselves for using men like that for American citizenship. It is wrong. Better watch out, they will want children when the relatonship is going bad and the honeymoon is over. Don't do it....Divorce her as soon as possible. She never loved you, only your money, house, car and citizenship to The United States of America. People should marry in their own race to avoid cultural conflicts. American Men.....Run and Hide....If you already married a Korean one. Divorce her before her family comes from over seas and before the kids come...Your not to blame...She seduced you. Also, she is probably very jealous too..YUCK. Get out while you can and marry the American girl who loves you or find one who does. American Women are pretty, nice, cook, clean and give sex a lot too.

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