Why Do Men Take Women Who Their With For Granted Some Times? It's Like You Couldn't Get Enough Of Me When You Met Me And Now That Im Around You All The Not Worth Your Time! Im Sure There's Alot Of Ladies Out There That Feel The Same?.


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There are a number of reasons for this and yet, it's sad when it happens. Here's my analogy: Think about when you bought that really great pair of shoes. You couldn't wait to wear them, then when you did, you realized they fit perfectly, they worked well with a bunch of outfits and you were really pleased that you bought them. But, after a few months, they were starting to wear out a bit, looking a little worn around the edges and wearing them had become kind of routine and not that special. Did you keep wearing them with the same excitement that you had started with? Or did you go out and buy another pair of shoes? I think relationships are kind of like that. What's the answer? I'm not really sure. I suppose we need to be aware that over time, everything loses a little bit of that sparkle, excitement and glamour. That doesn't mean things have to end, though. It takes both people to stay on top of the game and make sure they personally don't lose their own sparkle, excitement and glamour. Don't allow yourself to be mundane and worn out. And discuss your feelings with your partner. He's probably lost some of his sparkle and excitement too.

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