What do girls like in guys?


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Sweetie Pie answered
Smartness, Intelligence, good looks(Ofcourse), athletic...!
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Miss Argyle answered
They would need to make a girl laugh and you would need to get to know them well before anything serious. 2 me they would also have to be good looking, but looks isnt everything....
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Meta Forrest answered
Every girl will give you a different answer.  But I like my man to be intelligent, caring, and witty .  He needs to be able to make me laugh, and tell me I am the most important person in his life .  :) 
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Lisa Mier answered
They have to be funny!!! Because who doesn't like a funny guy... If u can't make a girl laugh its going to be pretty boring... And they have to be mature... Because then they'd probably get annoying :)
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Steve Williams
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...im not the funniest guy but i see myself as being quite romantic, and not to be cockey but i would say ive got a pretty good body - anything i could do instead of the funny thing (ive always seen funny as being the key point which gets you noticed.

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