What Kind Of Men Do Girls Like?


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DON'T LISTEN TO THESE PEEPS!! Here this is the truth: God no gals don't like fatherly figures or fat rich old men. I don't care a HOOT about diamonds when it comes to guys. And most gals I know don't either. =D
As long as the guy is NOT UGLY, he doesn't have to be a knock out but if he's at least got some nice physical characteristic that initially attracts, that's all the better.
For everyone I know, the PERSONALITY is what counts. A confidant (NOT COCKY) guy who is slightly stubborn in his pursuit of girls (knows what he wants and won't be swayed by some taunting from his pals) is great. Everyone loves guys with a sense of humour, who smile at them a lot and are happy, NOT depressed all the time. Also show-offs aren't actually as hot as they're made out to be. Pah. :D
Now, everyone's different but to me a dude who never makes a peep just reminds me of the kid I thought was autistic in 1st grade. So if you can at least make the first move towards the gal and keep up a conversation she'd be happy, even if you are shy (coy is soo cute sometimes!) just try to overcome it and I'm sure whoever she is will appreciate it.
Also girls don't really like guys who are so rough, swear and cuss, are alcoholic or druggies. THey like respectable guys who can have FUN! Gentle but firm is perfect.
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You may spend your time preening over your looks, but good looks are rarely given much of an importance by women. What they value in a man is a sense of understanding, a caring nature, sense of humour and the ability to take responsibility for his actions. Generally for a man, beauty is a tangible concept while for a woman, it is intangible.

Girls love their men who have a high amount of self-esteem. Every woman likes her man to be honest to her. A woman will have a highest regard for the man who genuinely values and respects her instead of just showering her with chocolates, flower, diamonds and the like. A man who can have a good laugh at himself and have enough charisma to charm her with words is a big turn-on for any woman.
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It depends girls like all kinds of guys. They arent going to like abusive boyfriends but it shouldnt matter if you are asking about appearance. They like guys who have a good attitude about things and a nice personality. Someone who loves them and makes them happy. If you can do that then you should be able to get a girl. Hope I could help.
Girls likes only believable boy
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For me, personally, I am mostly attracted to funny guys. But not the ones who starve for attention.
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Most of your answers here are the reason most American males don't like dating American women.  American women seem to like to emaciate mens ability to actually be men and act like a man.
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Girls like all sorts of men in all different shapes, sizes and colors and looks!
All girls are very different and are attracted to all different kinds of men.
Most girls like men with a sense of humor though most girls hate 'dirty jokes'. Girls like men who are caring, who listen rather than talk about themselves all the time. They like good manners, consideration and of course a lot of girls like successful men.
Good looks do initially attract but there are many other attributes which are attractive, a plain man with a great character is much nicer than a handsome bore!
Beauty so to speak is in the eye of the beholder and most women would like a combination of lots of things but when we find the right man money and looks don't matter too much.
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I think some men look at what the out side look like and not what is inside ...but you have others who look at what is in side and that is the kind you want a man who really see you for who you are not what you look like.
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So, me, being a man, who jetski's, and does other high activity hobbies, should be ok with dating a girl who has a weight issue and is 200lbs over wieght. Would she be happy with me? Would I be happy with her? Could she physically do the things I like to do? I already know how to eat.
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I m not much handsome, but m gd lookin + honnnest + a bit funny + some times very much seriouse (easily get angry) + tryin never to irretate or abuse any type of (gd,bd)human , so far about a beautiful girl;) + I want to hv a gf :( ... But I don't hv ... No budddy even thinks of me ►thats wt I think,may b its true or nt◄

so wt do you all think about this essue ? Hmm
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We like men with confidence, compassion, and a sense of humor..looks are a plus, but not necessary if you have a good heart!
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Grace33, your a loser. Go kill yourself guys like hot chicks not fat ugly girls like you. Keep dreaming. B.T.W you picture looks like a fat toddler.
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We like older guys who will treat us like a little princess and want to be with us all the time. I like smart man because he can tell me what I need to know and how to be.

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