I Want An Honest Opinion: What Kind Of Girls Do Guys Like?


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Whilst it might be a bit stereotypical to group all men into one category, the truth is that there are certain things that all men will react to in a woman.

Whilst this list is in no way a fail-proof guide to bagging your ideal man, it is an honest opinion from a guy's perspective, and is probably more likely to help you in your quest than the rose-tinted idealism your girlfriends might come up with.

How to get the guy you like:  
1) Looks matter - No matter what anyone says, a guy is never going to get to the point where he appreciates you for who you are inside unless he's been reeled in by what you are on the outside first. Superficial I hear you say? It's just biology.

The key to this point is that, whilst going all Jodie Marsh is likely to turn heads on a dance-floor, dressing like an escort is unlikely to result in more than a one night stand.

The best way to approach your looks is to keep it alluring, whilst making it look effortless (even if it is anything but!). Play to your strong points, don't waste time worrying about assets you don't naturally have!

If you look up lists of the top 10 women that men find attractive, they all look different. The thing they all have in common (other than Photo-shopped thighs) is an ability to make us believe they wake up looking like that.

2) Laugh and be friendly - Bubbly and attractive- add busty to that list and it sounds like a sex-workers' calling card, but there's a reason the word 'bubbly' gets thrown about so much. Nothing is more of a turn-on than being around a girl who you enjoy spending time with.

Pouty and high-maintenance may work for some, but most men soon get tired of it. Whilst this doesn't mean you have to spend time watching football or drinking beer with the guys,finding shared interests and being enthusiastic about spending time together helps.

3) Hair - Yes, this should have been covered under the first point, but I felt it was worth mentioning separately. If a guy comes up to you and compliments you on your hair, he's probably a 'hairdresser'. Men might not even acknowledge a new haircut, but subconsciously there's something about a woman's hair that works much like the plumage on birds.

4) Be a tease - Throwing yourself at a man is unattractive, but on the other hand no-one wants to date an ice-maiden. Men work on a reward-system basis. Don't make things easy, but imply there's something worth working for at the end.

This may sound worryingly like training a pet Pekingese, but, well.. Let's just not go there. Finding the balance between 'frigid' and 'freaky' is key. Showing you're interested is important, but making him sweat a little is just as vital. Just remember not to overdo it on this point - it should be more like flirty fun. If it starts feeling like you're playing mind games then it's probably gone too far.
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Girls that are not annoying with low-cut, see-through shirts, not a fancy style but Apostale and Hollister  - and who have a lot of friends and get along.
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Guys from different culture have different atituedes towards women. So the culture and the situation and relegion play a good part in forming a man's attitudes towards women.

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