For guys only: How do you like to be hugged? From behind or in front? And how long do you like to be hugged?


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jacob smc Profile
jacob smc answered
I prefer the back,actually....because usually you would expect a guy to hug a girl in the back, but I feel like its sweeter and much better in the back...and I would like mine to last longer than 30 seconds...thats good enough
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Of course hugs from the front...the longer the better!  :D
Jack Milligan Profile
Jack Milligan answered
Both ways, and forever!
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
I learned to take what you get and be very thankful for that whichever way you can get it and for as long as it lasts
jamie wise Profile
jamie wise answered
Give me any hug and I would love it =D and for as long as you like =P
Steve Robinson Profile
Steve Robinson answered
I prefer the hug from the front... That way I get to hug back... And I have no problems with long hugs...:)
Addilynn Addilynn Profile
You knww....tday I got hugged frm behind by several ppl tday...dya think their planning something? But yeh depends what sort of person you r , if you're shy then front is best , if you're loud and outgoing , then defo frm behind..8) and longer or short who cares ITS A HUGG! 8)

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