What is it like to be married?


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It's just like having a forever boyfriend. I didn't feel different when I got married. I just can't tell my husband to get out of my house when I get mad at him cause it's his house too.
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Hard work...You must work on your relationship every day so you do not take your partner or your lifestyle for granted.  It is not always fun, wine and roses.  There will be times when a couple disagrees, and, or are mad at each other. If you are fortunate enough to marry a person of good character, who loves and respects you, is a hard worker/good provider, your best friend, makes you laugh, etc,,,you are very blessed!
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In my own opinion, being married to someone is a Real gift of LOVE. Also it is far from idealism, illusions,frustrations nor Lust and Greed. Marriage Life is a holistic package of unconditional love to a person to build a wonderful and meaningful life in every moments that you have spent together with your partner and your siblings.
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I don't know.

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It can be either bliss or pure hell!

Keeping your marriage open if it is strong can often make it better.
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Dickie Allen
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I guess some people like the tax break.
Adrian Masters
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So now we are getting married for tax breaks? I thought you were supposed to get married for love. Further, live in maid and cook with fringe benifitts and a slice of everyone else's cake too. You are a bad boy!
Dickie Allen
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Yeah I like being a bad boy! At my age it is about all I have left!

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