What is it felt like being married with someone who used to be a seminarist?


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Ray Dart answered

Probably better than being married to a complete narist.

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Be prepared to better understand some inconvenient truths.

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Ray  Dart
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"Hear" rather than "better understand", I suggest.
Tom  Jackson
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The people who choose hear what I have to say are usually pleasantly pleased at their typical increase in understanding.

Never been in the seminary, but the pastor of the parish where I was the (only) "Supreme Grand Knight" in the altar boys did think I had a vocation to the priesthood.

Never went to the seminary, but the general definition of "priest" can be predicated of me.

Always loved science, psychology, theology, and philosophy.

Wound up studying all, all of my life.
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It may prove to be educational for both of you.

I've known a couple of couples (!) where one member had retired from a religious order or a ministry. It can work out just fine. It probably depends on which direction the former seminarian aims his/her devotion.

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