Can astrology help parenting? (I have a lovely but stubborn Taurean baby daughter)


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The answer is Absolutely!  Our Astrology Charts describe our personalities and the internal forces that make us - us!  Knowing what makes your baby "tick" so to speak can help any parent.

It also helps to know your own chart because some of us blend a lot easier with different signs than others.  This can help us work with each of our children - because as we all know - everyone is different.

If I recall - you're an Aries and this sign doesn't have a lot of patience which is something we all need when it comes to babies.  Patience is not an easy trait to come by - but I probably have more than most given all of my Pisces planets!  However, I must admit even the most patient parent slips every once and again.

You'd really need to explore all of the signs that are working inside of your daughter - including her Rising Sign and Moon Sign (her emotional side) in order to come up with some solutions or way s to make parenting her a little easier :-)

I have two children myself and I see their charts in play more and more the older they get!  I actually just wrote about my little Scorpio on my blog and how I'm using astrology personally with him:

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