How Can I Convince My Girlfriend's Parents To Accept Me As A Future Husband To Their Daughter?


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It is never easy to get future in laws to accept you. The first thing you need to do is understand where they are coming from and the many reasons they don't care for you. I would guess that your previous history has something to do with it but there are still many more things. You are taking away the love of their lives and what they have toiled over for many years to give her a proper upbringing. You may look at it as they are gaining a son (in law) but they are probably more focused on them loosing a daughter. It may be a good approach to make sure they know that you are not going to take her love for her parents away from them.

You must also show them that you will be able to care for her in the future. That is, show them that you have long term goals that will provide a good lifestyle for her and you. A [plan for children, career, finance, housing. Things don't always work exactly as planned but as long as they know you have a path and you are able to account for those unplanned events as well, then I would think they would slowly come around to understand how much you care for their daughter.

I might also advise from my previous history. DO NOT RUSH MARRIAGE! I can understand that you have a strong love for her but rushing things is never good and I am sure that her parents will wonder if there is an alterior motive if you rush into it.
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Thank you so much for this advice. As I am going to talk her parents tomorrow I was searching for something exactly like this. Hope this helps me in a big way.
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You need to find out what their expectations are and if you can meet them. For the record: Very few parents think that guy is good enough for their daughter during the first few months of a relationship. It's up to you to prove otherwise.
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It's hard to make someone like you. You just have to hang in there and show them how much you love their daughter and that you are going to try your hardest to be a great addition to the family.
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It will take time and a whole lot of patience. I'm going through the same thing and my parents want nothing to do with my boyfriend, but with a little proof that your the man to be, there shouldn't be a problem. If you are meant to be together, it will happen maybe just in a different way.
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Take them all on a for it,make a honorable joke,talk,talk and then seek results.
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How do I convince my girlfriends parents to accept me.
We are both from different religions and in hers she's not supposed to date out of it. I completely adore this girl she feels the same back but it Just seems to be that one problem thats keeping us from getting serious.
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Just leave all those things which her parents don't like and express your love to her parents with their daughter.and I will suggest you just go to Ajmer khawaja Dargah in rajasthan.they completes all wishes of true lovers.

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