What Are The Things I Should Ask My Girlfriend?


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Different people make different girlfriends at different times in different conditions and in different countries. Some boys make girlfriends just to have fun or pass time. Some boys are serious in the relations with their girlfriends. So automatically things and questions differ according to the situation.
So far the question is concerned that what are the things I should asked my girlfriends, the answer depends upon the situation and conditions mentioned above. If I develop relations with a girl with whom I only want to have a fun or to pass times, I will ask questions like, which dress she likes, which foods she likes, which picnic resort she likes, which hotel or restaurant she likes and such other ordinary things.
If I am serious in my relations with my girlfriend and I want to get married to her also, my questions should be different as well. First of all I should ask her about her family. Secondly I should ask my girlfriend about her likings and disliking. In this way I can cope up my relations with her and by the passage of time my relations with her will be strengthened. I hope this explanation will satisfy your question and you can act accordingly.

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