What Should I Write In My Girlfriend's Birthday Card?


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You want to write something personal, that shows you know her well and expresses how you feel about her - the generic "Happy Birthday" just won't do!
Choosing the Card
  • Look for a card that shows you've put effort in. If you've got an in-joke, or a shared love of something, use that.
  • Does she have a favorite artist? See if you can find a card with their work on the front.
  • Personalize a card online - there are plenty of sites that allow you to upload photographs, add text and essentially create anything you want
  • If you're good at art, make her a card yourself. I'm not talking a folded sheet of A4 paper here - if you're going down this route, do it properly, with materials from craft-shops.
What To Write
  • Don't rely on the text inside the card - write something in it yourself! It shows you've made an effort.
  • Tell her how you feel about her
  • Do the obvious and wish her a happy birthday, but try and word it a bit more creatively than that!
  • If you've bought her movie, theatre or concert tickets, tuck them inside the card.
  • Write something that will make her want to keep the card - something that makes her feel special.
As long as you've made an effort, and make an effort on the day itself, she should be happy. I'm sure you'll be fine. Don't worry too much - it's just a card. If you're not good with words, show her how you feel with gestures!

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