Should I Send My Ex-boyfriend A Birthday Card? We Haven't Talked In Two Months.


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Lily Bradic answered
I probably wouldn't, but then it does depend on the situation. If you still love him, and want to get back with him, then go ahead and send him a card. After two months, the hurt caused by the break-up should be less painful, and so you might have a chance at starting again.
What If He Was The One Who Left Me?
In this case, I'd leave it. If you haven't spoken to each other in two months, he obviously isn't making any effort to get you back. It's also possible that he's found somebody else during that time.

What If I Just Want To Be Friends?

Send him the card, and make your intentions clear. Let him know that there are no hard feelings between you, and that you'd like to be friends again. However, if this is likely to be too painful for either of you, don't do it.

Ultimately, you need to ask yourself why you want to send him a birthday card. If it's because you miss him and want him back, then you need to think seriously about what caused you to break up in the first place, how long you'd been together, and who left who.

No real harm will come from sending a birthday card, though, but if you dumped him and now send him a card, you'll make him think that he has another chance, and that's not fair either. Do what feels right!
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Yeah, that's fine.

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