I Want To Call My Ex Boyfriend That I Haven't Talked To In A Month, What Do I Do?


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First, really think about your reasons for calling. Is it to subtly remind him that you're still around? Is it to connect with him because you think he may want to get back together?

Calling an ex is tricky, not because of the effect that it will have on him, but because of the effect it will have on you.

Think about what outcome you'd like to have as a result of the call that you make. If you really look deep inside and know that at the end of the call, you're going to feel disappointed, then do not make that call.

When you're feeling tempted to pick up the phone, take a walk, exercise, call a family member or friend, eat ice cream, do anything to avoid making that call.

Good luck.
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YES and NO. YES if you plan it well. You can succeed in having the upper hand and not feeling hurt or disappointed. NO call if you are still upset, angry, frustrated or in any way emotional.

Ask him how he is, everyday matters, general type of topics.. Nothing to do with the whys and whats of your relationship. If he broaches the feelings issue, then only talk. Otherwise, forget it, or else he will think you are being too needy.

Even after a month, it's hard to get over a breakup and you may want to catch up on lost time by asking him too many things at once. Remember - you are not there to hold his hand anymore, and neither is he. Try and talk as strangers. That is the best way to approach this call. Otherwise, just talk to the wall!
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Well first pray about it ask the lord to give you wisdom,
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why not try writing him a letter and that way you will not have to worry about talking to parents. he will also have more time to think about what you have to say without getting into any arguments. put the ball in his court and wait and see if he rings or writes back. at least this way you will be able to get your feelings across and if he rejects you, well isn't it better to have tried than not.
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I don't kno what to said

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