Should I Be Jealous That My Boyfriend Talks To His Ex?


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Depends why he talks to her...if it is because they share a kid (which is the case with my boyfriend) there is not much you can say (even though it might bother you inside) But if he doesn't have a baby's mama and its just a girl he "stays really good friends with" then yeah I think you have the right to say that it makes you uncomfortable or jealous if thats what your feeling.
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It depends . Is he getting far from you ? I mean .. You know is it the same? If not then he's having feelings for you . But just trust him , still he tells you what's going on .. Love him hug him kiss him :) that's what people need really . Jealousy only makes things WORSE!
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Considering that the ex was there before you I don't think so.You shouldn't be jealous just have trust and it will be ok
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I would get jealous if I saw my boyfriend talking to his ex especially if I know that, that ex was one that he loved and she was very dare to his heart and still is so don't beat up on your self.
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Not at all. If their friends then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. But if they start to show signs that they are liking each other more then there you have a problem.
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It all depends on what he is talking to his ex about. It its children's involved then I can see him talking to her. As females we can get jealous because in back of our mind, the ex seens like she still cares for the ex boyfriend.
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Well it depends how they talk,if its flirty then yea but if there just friends then not at all

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