My boyfriend talks about his ex when he's drunk but assures me he has no feelings for her. He keeps unblocking her from Facebook to see what she's up to. Should I be worried?


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Another thing to add: He was drunk last weekend and talked to her for not even a minute because his ride was there. If he didn't have to leave so quickly I'm worried something would have happened between the tw

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From the tone of this question, I would be more worried about how much your boyfriend drinks. But to answer your question, he is not over his ex. You are what is known as the rebound girlfriend. If I were you I would keep my self-respect intact and walk away from the relationship. He is not giving you his full attention and probably never will.

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Do you want a drunken boyfriend who can't make up his mind what he wants???

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In addition to Gator's good answer, I'll point out that being drunk removes a person's inhibitions.  So if he's talking about his ex while drunk that means his "filter" against his real feelings has been temporarily removed.  He still has feelings for her, and wants to get back with her.

Time for you to open your eyes to the truth, and move on.

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