My third-born child, Charlie, is having problems with his girlfriend. She keeps making him jealous by sleeping with other guys. What can he do? He is in love with her but does not want to see her like this. Should he dump her? I think he should.


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He needs to dump her. He needs to know how good it feels to be with other people. People that won't hurt him. And if he doesn't want to do that, then tell him to do everything that she's doing to him right back at her. That'll make her go crazy and she'll know the pain that he feels
-LMM <3
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Molly Thompson
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Thank you Laura. I think he just needs to dump her and come and spend some time with his parents to sort his life out. They have been together for 3 years and he really loves her, but he just needs to realise what she is doing to him.
Alana Schmitz
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You should tell him to go right to her and confront her about how she's making him feel. If he does really love her then I think that he should help her to stop, and have a long talk with her about everything that she's doing. But if she continues doing that, then they should break it off. It'll be hard, but that's the kind of thing to do, my brother had the same problem, and if he just does the same thing that she does to him, she won't completely realize that, and still find it okay to continue on.
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I think he should dump her, surely he can't go through life with someone he can never trust, love her or not. Also she could very well catch aids, and give it to him.
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Of course he needs to dump her. This is a ridiculous situation. I disagree with Laura, because this just makes him as bad as her. He need to realise that it is stupid and a waste of time staying with her, and needs to realise it pretty darn soon.
No one should have to deal with shit like that. Try talking to him, and explain that if she can do this to him then it is obvious that it was never meant to be.
I'm still shocked at this whole situation, if I was going out with someone, and they did as much as kiss another girl, they would be out of my life before you can say sorry.
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Molly Thompson
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Thank you Saskia, he is going to dump her this afternoon. He has finally realised that a girl like her is no good for him, he needs someone that loves him and doesn't take him for granted.
Saskia Johnson
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That's very good to hear!
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Most definitely leave her. No one deserves a waste of time being with someone who doesnt appreciate you. Sometimes you only know how much something means to you after their gone. He should leave her and if its meant to be she'll come back and then thats his decision to make
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Molly, Yes he should dump her and find a nice genuine girl and what about S T Ds when she sleeps around like this. She does NOT love him thats for sure.

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