Should I Be Jealous That My Girlfriend Is Hanging Out With Different Guys?


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They did this study on infidelity once.
Husbands suspected their wives of cheating.
The wives denied and said that their husbands should trust them.
But when interviewed alone, about 70% or so of the women admitted that they were having an affair.
A number of men were worried about a PARTICULAR guy who his wife may have been fooling around with.
Half of them were right.
So believe it or not, men have just as good an intuition as women do and can subconsciously pick up on things like that.
Besides, if you are feeling jealous a lot, chances are maybe you don't trust her because she's given you no reason to.  If you can feel she's slipping away, she probably is.  You're only still around until she finds an upgrade.  Save yourself the paternity test and emotional pain and tell her to bugger off.  Trust me, if she starts crying it's probably because she's just mad she didn't get to break it off with you first.
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Hi, being a little jealous, I think is normal, but when it becomes an obsession then that's a problem. I think a lot of relationships end because of lack of trust and low self esteem. Learn to trust your partner; if she loves you she will always respect you. Stop making a problem for yourself. If you start accusing her of something, she may stop seeing you. Enjoy her and be thankful for your relationship, if it is a good relationship no one can separate you. Also, I think it is healthy for people to have male and female friends. Take Care!
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Well I happen to be in this situation right now. My girlfriend texted me this morning saying that she was thinking of hanging with her friend nick, whom had feelings for her not a month ago that he claims are no longer there. I don't buy it. I tell her that I don't feel ok with the fact that she wants to spend a day with nick over me. And she says that he's just a friend. Well sure, I trust that she thinks of him as a friend, but I don't trust that he feels the same way. She goes on to say that she simply gets along better with guys than girls, and thats why she has guy friends. Another thing I should mention in the midst of all this, is that she hangs with a group of guys relatively often. Id be perfectly content with that if she would let me hang out with her, with them. But she claims that its rude to invite me after they ask to hang out with her. Is this fair? I think not. I do know some of the guys she hangs with and they're cool, respectable dudes. But that doesn't mean they haven't developed some form of feelings for her. What I'm getting at in saying all of this, is that you shouldn't be afraid to tell her how you feel. Tell her that what she's doing makes you uneasy, and from that point you should have an in depth conversation laying out the problems and possible solutions.
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Oh being jealous is so normal. I feel it all the time. My ex boyfriend used to call all his friends that were girls his "second, third, fourth, fifth,.. Etc., girlfriends." That tipped me off that he was not loyal- and I was right. But if he is just chatting- here is my advice. Keep your distance, I wouldn't want my boyfriend prying into my guy friend relationships. BUT, [this is important] keep a very close eye on the girls who he talks to most. It's like knowing exactly what is going on, without letting your guy know that. Be in control, even if it is in secret.
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I would find it strange if you did not get jealous of your girlfriend hugging a guy friend! It is 100% normal. But you have to understand that these people may have been in her life for a long time, and they have always hugged when they see one another. Does she do it right in front of you or do you hear about it from others? If she does it when you are there, there must not be any feelings behind it, or why would she let you see it? It sounds to me like she is just friendly, I wouldn't worry. But, showing signs of jealousy can be harmful to a relationship. If she really is not doing anything wrong, then you making a big deal about her talking to guys will raise a red flag and she may leave you because of it. Jealousy is probably the cause of 25% of breakups. When she is talking to a guy friend walk up to her and give her a kiss, make sure these guys know you are there, maybe even become friends with them and you will feel more comfortable about their time spent around your girl. Good luck with it!
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I told my girlfriend not to hang out, or meet with any other guy alone. Lets face it, whether they are single or not, you don't know them. If you do, then you should always be with them. Don't trust other guys ~ you remember when you were last single? The days of attraction to practically every pretty girl who gave you a sideways glance? It will be the same for them, and maybe more so, as they get together often, and know each other more intimately. You have got to explain how guys work to her, we are totally different. Trust her, but remember, guys will do anything they can to get into her. Drinking, smooth talk, and you are not around to stop her. One minute she could see him as an innocent, kind friend, the next the recline able sofa could be bobbing up and down faster than a pair of ducks in the mating season.
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Did she have these guy friends when you met her? I have grown up w/ nothing but guys & am 34. They're STILL my friends til' this day! Don't make her choose. If she wanted them she wouldn't be w/ you! Believe me - they may ALL want her but you have to be secure in your relationship & value that she has these friendships!
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Hi, I get jelous of other guys talking to m girlfriend,, I have got on to her when  a guy she knows came back from being away and I have never methimbut I know I don't like him. Big loud and I hate people like that.. She says she loves me and I do believe that. I guess she sas knowing these gus for years and before I was there so if she wasnt off with them then , guess its ok now
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Honestly... Talk 2 her about it nicely. If she insists on hanging out with them ask if you could come over 2 just to chill. If she says no, give it up, sorry. If she does tht kind of thing now, later on there could b some serious issues and a lot of heartbreak ={
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Obviously it's not wrong. Every guy feels the same way. And the ones that don't obviously don't love their girlfriends enough to care about who they're talking to. Best advice to you would be to talk to her and make some boundaries. My girlfriend doesn't like it when I'm around *whoreish* girls, and I don't like when she's around bad guys. Discuss it, but don't tell her she can't do this or that. If she loves you she will agree. Best of luck.
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If the dude that your girl hangs out with is a homo then you have nothing to worry about but if the dude is straight then you better worry about it my man!
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I don't think its wrong. I do the same thing to my fiance. I'm super jealous tho. Just don't ruin your relationship with it... I almost did
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Don't worry about it most girls are like that with other boys but it doesnt meen that there is something going on between them and no its not wrong to get jealous of them x
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I'm in this right now.  My fiance is pregnant with my baby.  She bumped into her ex a week or so ago and she wants to reconnect her friendship with him and has hung out with him once so far.  She said it won't be a frequent thing and I have nothing to worry about.  She has never cheated in any previous relationship, but she basically said if you can't handle this then we should say our goodbyes!!  She has asked me to trust her and if he shows any indication that hes not over her or tries anything she will end the friendship.  I don't understand why she is doing this.  Its wrong on so many levels.  If she wants a friend outside of our circle of friends why can't she find someone she wasn't with for 3 years.  I do trust her, but I know hes not over her, and I can only hope when that comes out, she will stick to her guns and not fall back into his arms.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Not that I don't trust women, but if she constantly hangs out with her guy "friends" more often than you, make sure you have a calm and serious talk about how it negatively affects you.If it were me, I would would hang out with her + her guy friends and observe what the dynamics of their relationships are. There is nothing wrong with that. If she is jumpy and nervous about it, lust is in the air and it doesn't include you. Repeat this a couple times.Anyways, I'm clearly late at answering your question.
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It's all right to be jealous about this. What she is doing is completely irresponsible to your relationship. Talk to her about it. Mention this:
Why are you doing this?
Say why you don't like it.
Ask her how she would feel if you were inviting other girls over.
Finally, end with, "If you don't stop this, than it's over for us."
Oh, and don't forget to mention that it's okay to have guy friends, but inviting them over is just not right.
Hope I helped. :)
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Just start hanging out with other chicks and make her jealous...Then she'll will confront you about it, and you can say- "well you hang out with..."

and then she'll be like...oh...
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Well jealousy is part of life I guess. Sure you can be suspicious sometimes but what if she's just being nice and talking to them. But then you can be right and wrong  and well that's life for you.
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I am not sure if it is ok or not for her to be hanging out with some other guys.

What I am sure is that she should prefer to hang out with you than anybody else and if she does not, maybe you should let her know what you feel when she does that.

If she doesn't "understand" maybe you should explain it to her doing exactly the same thing and making sure she knows you are hanging out with other girls.

Maybe she will understand then.
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you should ask her about her activities and all that stuff so let all these confusions be cleared ok????
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Ok what you need to do is kinda come down and read what I wright ok 1.) how does she hug them. Does she hug them like she hugs you or does she hug you like a friend. 2.) if she hugs you like her friends then you got a problem but if not then your relationship is fine.
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You should talk to her. Let her know how you feel and ask her if there is anything you should know. Tell her that if you cannot trust her than you don't know how long your relationship can last. A good relationship is built on trust and loyalty. Take my advice or just do what your heart tells you.
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I say trust her but if you hear anythin around school then ask her and if she says nothin is goin on then just say ok but if you still hear the stuff then just say please tell me the truth because I hear it all the time  

good luck :D
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Until you know something is going on, you just have to trust her. She will always have male friends, as you will always have female friends. If they start going out, then I would worry.
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I think it's ok but it depends of which friend it is.
You know, some times you have friends you've known from looong time! I wouldn't worry of those friends.
But some times you know new people who has another way of seeing you , you know , They just meet you and think you're hot and want to go out with you . Be careful you might get hurt I would say
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Unless you catch her cheating on you, its totally fine. She needs freedom too. The more you love her, the more you'll trust her and the more freedom you'll give her dude.
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Yeah its ok to get jealous. Talking is one thing but hugging is another.....I'd be jealous. But don't sweat it because she chose you, not them. Good luck
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No, but don't make a big deal of it . She is probably just really good friends with them. She can have lots of friends and if you forbid her from talking to other guys she will feel trapped and your relationship will end.
Talk to her about it, and tell her how you feel.If you think she is flirting with boys, then talk to her about it; but be careful, don't strait out accuse her, because she is your girlfriend and she will not cheat if she loves you, and you don't want to make it awkward between you two. If you have no proof that she is doing anything to harm you,  you should  talk to her about it first, she is probably just talking to her friends !  
P.S. About the hugs; some girls are like that, she's just the loving type. I'm sure your her guy!
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(eye roll) its ok if your girl friend talk to other guys.but ask your self, is she  flirty when she talks to other guys,are they rely cute or popular?if the answer is yes briefly bring it up but don't make it into a big deal.
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Yes, it is wrong. If you continue to be that way you will lose your girlfriend. You have to be able to have your own friends when you are in a relationship. As long as she is not flirting with these guys you really should no be saying to much to her. I would let her know how you feel, then leave it at that.
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I think if the 2 partys love each other they should ave no interest in anyone else, yea you may fancy or like another girl/boy thats only normal!!! Love is in the eye of the beholder. If your gf is flirty an chatty wi other guys, talk to her, tell her how you feel. Any way best of luck folks :)
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Its a natural emotion, and you have to live and let live and jealousy is a passion and we all have some of it in us. Give it a wide bearth if you know you are jealouse and focus outwards, rather than inwards, for then we might disappear in the depths of nowhere and jealousy affects our overall wellbeing adversly!
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I would worry because I get jealous easily, but you should talk to her about it in a way she won't get angry with you.
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No it isn't because I always get jealous when I see my boyfriend talking to a girl even more if she is attractive and seems to like him
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No and yes it depends on you, do you think shes the type to sleep around? Do you think shes the best chick you had so far in your life? It all depends on how you look at her
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You r Bid Possessive with your girl, say to her in a soft manner that her behaviour bothers you, hope she 'll change that for you ...don't get angry and shout to her, instead say in a calm way... All the best....
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Ok if you look like that in real lifeDNT B WORRIED   and if ye break up thenboy ill b your shoulder to cry on !!!!
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Protective is more like it and mayb a lil jealus.. But if there guy FRIENDS its cool... Sumtimes
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Ok. I agree with bwtsrl. I don't think you should worry so much about it. I mean you could ask her about it if you feel that uncomfortable, but I wouldn't show the jealousy so much. She might get a bit defensive but just like playfully say something like "You hang out with those guys to much, how about you use that time with me" or just be really sweet about it when you ask. But until she gives you a reason not to trust her, just trust her.
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you should get jealous bcz if is she is your girlfriend then she should care aor your thinking or your choice that what do you like and what you dont. so love is a mutual relationship and both should care 4 each other and then ultimately will be happy.and another name of love is sacrifice so both of u should cut down their bad activities.
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But then again you have to think about it. What if he's getting jealous for no reason at all and she just wan to hang with some friends. Then she would be upset with him and not forgive him for his jealously. Yes she should care about what he thinks but she shouldn't have to worry if it's nothing to be jealous over.
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Look dude just take a deep breath and chill. You got to stop thinking like that or its going to ruin your relationship and you're going to lose her. Alright they are just friends man don't you have girl friends? How do you think she feels when you hang out with them?
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Even after reading all this I feel really jealous..when I'm with her I feel calm and happy, but as soon as I leave I start feeling jealous because I do not know what she is up to , I don't know what her and her friends wll do at that sleepover... I also get really pissed/jealous when she talks to another guy over facebook or some chat hing, it makes me feel like shes taking away the time she is not talking to me to talk to that guy and also it really pisses me of when she talks baout me to those guys ex: The guy called me the russian..and she called me the russian too back to him(they ewere talking about a play we were going to see) hurts so bad when I'm ot with her..I feel like cutting her of from everyone and just making her mine and taking over her life, not letting her talk to anyone...please help
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My boyfriend says I'm his first love..but then he has a second love [priyanka chopra] he's only suppose to have one love..I hate it when he does that. I get jealous.
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Mane its totally cool....most girls are just going to be like that.Of course I love my girlfriend a lot ,but I go to a different school ,and I can't stop her from flirting.oho well
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I'd be wondering why she's hanging out with other guys. Who are these guys anyway? Friends? Former boyfriends? Do you know what they do when they come over? Maybe you should ask her?  How long have you been going out?
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You should like whack her and spy and if you catch anything going on then you should be and if she is jealous of you haggen with girls then ask her y she is haggen with boys you don't know.

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