There is a guy I really like and he is kinda touchy feely with me but he doesn't hang out with me that much if we aren't in class so what does that mean?


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He is interested in you, that's for sure. But the level of interest is a bit questionable. He may just see you as someone he can befriend during class but doesn't really think that it would extend outside of it. There could be multiple reasons why this may occur and we just won't know why unless we ask. If you are unsure about something, instead of brooding around waiting for something to happen, I suggest you go for it and ask him about it. It will cause a lot less stress and anxiety, trust me. And what if he doesn't like you back? Then that's okay too; there will always be someone else. But at least you'll know the truth. And if he does, then yay! I wish you luck.

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