This really sweet guy asked me out but hes kindof ugly and isn that funny, while this othr guy is really cute and funny, but im not sure if he likes me. Who do i go with?


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Aloha Ahekolo answered
Befriend both of them.  Tell both of them that you are interested in getting to know them better but you do not want to commit yourself to anything until you know more about them.  As long as you are honest and upfront about everything then you have every right to get to know each of them.  If someone gets jealous then it does not mean that he likes you more or would be an awsome protector... It means if he thinks you are doing something wrong to him he's going to give you grief.  You will not miss out on anything if niether one of these guys happen to be the one... Infact you will just gain more insight on what makes you happy and what you want out of a relationship.  The right person "is" out there.  The more you get to know about people first, the better the odds are of not getting hurt or being disappointed with what you could have had.  So my answer is that you should have a "date" as friends or as a boy and girl would go on a date, but don't let that mean you are "his" until you know who/what you want.  Good luck!
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Forget the cute guy as he wont be around long so go for the sure shot here and be real happy as you know that no one will steal him from you at least so he will be more appreciative of any girl thats interested in him. Never worry what everyone else thinks so do this for yourself and be happey where the others probably arent
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You have to make a decision with which you're certain you'll be comfortable. Don't blame yourself for something you did that didn't go well, just learn from your mistakes, which will lead to the very right move.

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